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  • PC Magic Car Scratch Repair Remover Cloth Sealer Clear Coat Fast Fix Cloth

  • Car Scratch Repair Tool Cloth Nano Material Surface Rags For Automobile Light Paint Scratches Remover Scuffs For Car Accessories

  • Product Name : Car repair rags

  • Material : Nano-polyester fiber

  • Size : 15*11cm

  • Weight : 22g

  • Suitable : Universal For All The Cars


  • 1. Raw materials carefully selected, use polyester fiber material

  • 2. The use of nano special micro-dissolving technology, can break down scratch scratches, paint molecules, activated color difference with polyester fiber cloth, through the friction coefficient of micro-metal powder to achieve the effect of removing marks

  • 3. It is to say goodbye grinding scratch terminator, with scratch repair, strong decontamination, the role of effective polishing

  • 4. regardless of paint color, ease of use

  • 5. Easy to use, easy to carry


  • 1. Repair cloth mainly for minor paint surface treatment "such as nail marks, shallow scratches, sand grinding marks, such as" deep scratches "do not hurt paint" force more than a few minutes can also have a certain effect of desalination!

  • 2. Before using clean scratch surface, and so on surface after drying out repair cloth in scratches place wipe, rub rub rub, until scratches disappear! 3.

  • 3.Repair cloth can be used repeatedly, if the force is heavier, as long as the same place with the repair cloth light push again with a dry cloth polished can restore the original luster!

  • 4. If the repair cloth falls on the ground sticky dust and sand, please do not use to avoid causing 2 scratches. Can not be washed, if you feel that the repair cloth too dry can be a trace of water spray, use the bag sealed to save!!

Package details:

  • 1* Car repair rags



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