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Perfect cooperation of the three latest technologies (415 nm blue light + BIO micro electric current + 42 °C warm detoxification)
can penetrate skin surface tissue, benefit blood circulation, promote cells to secrete collagen, thereby eliminating acne marks, 
repairing acne scars, reducing acne, whitening and smoothing skin effectively. Battery operated, more convenient to use no matter where you go. 
✔️PREVENTION - Kill bacteria that causes acne under the surface of the skin, You use it when you feel a pimple coming on or if you have one. This pen is designed to correct any imperfections in your skin.
✔️CONVENIENT - Portable, can be use any time and anywhere, just hold it on the blemish with light pressure. You put it right on your skin but you don't have to press hard.
✔️LYMPH DETOXIFICATION - 42°C/108℉ warm treatment for lymph detoxification, to promote acceptable acne cell evaporation, to solve the problem of acne breeding from the roots, keeping the skin clean and prevent acne breeding, You can apply it directly on your skin and it would only be warm never hot.
✔️BIO ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Activate skin cells and stimulate regeneration and repair of collagen, help to regain skin elasticity and its normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and make the skin be fleshy, full and lustrous, diminish inflammation and reduce pain.
✔️415nm BLUE LIGHT - It can effectively inhibit acne bacillus and improve red spots, oily skin and heavy sensitive skin, shrink pores, remove acne, blemishes, etc. It is appropriate for both sensitive and acne skin.
- Tighten loose skin, shrink pores, and eliminate acne-causing bacteria.
- Great effect on oily skin, severe allergic skin and red spots.
- Promotes blood circulation of eyes, heat treatment relieves fatigue on eyes.
- Improves fine lines, black rim and pouch around eyes.
- Cost effective laser treatment you can do anywhere or anytime.
- Professional skin care instrument you don't have to go to an appointment for.
- 415 nm blue light for acne removal.
- 42°C (~108℉) warm treatment for lymph detoxification.
- Size: 13.5x1.9x1.9cm.


1. Open battery cover and install the battery.
2. Clean your skin and apply essence or a mask.
3. Switch on the device and make sure the working indicator light is on. It will release blue LED light. The treatment head will slightly heat. After 1 minute, temperature will go up to 42℃/108℉.
4. Hold the conductive metal stick and the probe will release the +5V BIO electric current. Along muscle and the direction of lymph, move the device slowly on face from inside to outside, from bottom to top.
5. During the treatment process, the device will beep every 5 seconds. After 2.5 minutes, the treatment stops. Wait for 5 seconds and a new course will begin.
6. According to your skin condition, adjust your treatment time. Generally 10 minutes.

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